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Thai Sate
choice of beef, chicken or pork strips on skewers, grilled and served with peanut sauce.

Fried Tofu
deep-fried bean-curd served with sweet sauce and crushed peanuts.

Fried Chicken Wings
chicken wings marinated and deep-fried, served with plum sauce.

Spicy Wings
marinated chicken wings deep-fried and flavored with spicy Thai sauce.

Thai Wings
chicken wings stuffed with ground chicken, beanthread, black mushroom and spices, then battered and deep-fried.

Fried Egg Rolls
deep-fried rolls stuffed with ground pork, beanthread, carrots, onion and black mushroom, served with sweet sauce.

Vietnamese Hand Rolls (Pictured)
shrimp, slices of turkey ham, rice vermicelli, and fresh vegetables wrapped in rice paper, served with vietnamese dip.

Veggie Hand Rolls
mixture of baked tofu and black mushrooms with fresh vegetables wrapped in rice paper, served with vietnamese dip.

Thai Hand Rolls
mixture of tofu, chicken, and black mushroom, Chinese sausage, crabmeat & beansprouts in eggroll skin, topped with plum sauce.

Thai Fish Cake
fish cake patties seasoned with curry paste and cut green beans, then deep fried and served with cucumber sauce.

Turnip or Taro Cake
choice of turnip or taro cake, prepared stir-fried with eggs and beansprouts.

Grilled Beef Balls
beef balls on the skewers, grilled and topped with spicy sweet sauce.


*These menu items are from our Alhambra location. Due to smaller kitchen sizes, our San Marino and Pasadena locations carry slightly fewer items.


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