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Vietnam. China. Thailand. Japan.

These are all exotic destinations. We have combined the best cuisine from all of these locations and put them under one roof. All of our recipes are authentic to their respective regions and we use only the freshest ingredients. The result is food that is fresh, true and absolutely delicious!

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Never dined at Noodle World?

Here are a couple of popular favorites to pick from:

Chicken Tom Yum in our Thai Noodle Soup Section

Charbroiled Shrimp and Eggrolls in our Soupless Noodle Section

Boba from BOBA WORLD!

Through a special partnership with Boba World, we are proud to offer the finest Boba beverages available. Boba World drinks are known for their intense flavor, which is achieved through the use of Boba World's proprietary ingredients.

Visit the Boba World website for more information:

Frozen Monster Yogurt and Shaved Ice

We also served Frozen Monster yogurt and Shaved Ice at select locations. For more information click the Frozen Monster tab above.

Visit the Frozen Monster website:


*These menu items are from our Alhambra location. Due to smaller kitchen sizes, our San Marino and Pasadena locations carry slightly fewer items.



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